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If you're audio or video savvy, we'd love to feature your homemade Scott Ritcher commercials on the site!

Your short videos can be serious productions or hilarious parodies of attack ads - for or against Scott! Get creative.

When you've got something you want to share, let us know. Upload it to a video sharing site (like YouTube, Blip, LiveDigital, or Veoh) or your own server and send us the link.

The best ones will be posted here, and who knows, if somebody turns in something amazing, it just might show up on TV or the radio.

Keep in mind, most television and radio ads are 30 or 60 seconds long.

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Scroll down to see some classic political commercials for inspiration.




Television commercial #1: "Never introduced"

Script of the ad:

Guaranteed health care for all Kentuckians.

Creation of a simple and fair tax system

Ability to vote from any location.

Ability to verify your vote was counted.

Separation of church and state as the law.

Clean campaign laws to take big money out of elections.

Ending paid lobbying to take corporate influence out of our legislature.

Unprecedented new investment in our schools.

No-fault automobile insurance.

Elimination of excessive and predatory banking fees.

Voter-initiated ballot referendums.

Taxes on pollution and incentives for renewable energy.

District-restricted campaign fundraising.

Mandate the highest ethical standards for all elected officials.

No gifts, trips, or meals exchanged by officials and special interest groups.

Serious programs to eliminate poverty.

No more corporate welfare.

Kentucky taxpayers have wanted these changes for decades. Most of these bills have never been introduced in our legislature. Until now.

Television commercial #2: "Imagine a place"

Script of the ad:

Imagine a place where 22% of children are born into poverty...

...where every sixth person is poor

...where they spend more on health care than people in Switzerland, Norway, and France

...where the infant mortality rate is higher than in Cuba, Taiwan, and Lithuania

...where 1 in 7 people has no health care coverage

...where 143 people were killed at work in one year

...where 1 in 5 families lives on less than $300 a week

...where politicians allow all this to happen and get re-elected.

You don't have to imagine it. This place is Kentucky.

It's time to re-imagine what's possible. It's time to re-imagine Kentucky.


Here are a few classic political ads to get your creative juices flowing for the contest.
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